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MAT is not a very difficult tests. The quantitative ability questions are directly on concepts and to some extent on problem solving but they are not very complicated. The key is to achieve speed and accuracy.

Mathematical Ability: Self Assessor  has multiple choice questions in all important areas. Study basic arithmetic and master each topic step by step by creating self tests with a reasonable challenge of time (about 45 seconds for each question) and difficulty (recommended level L1). Initially cover following area

Arithmetic : Numbers,  Ratio & proportion,  Averages, Percentages ,Pipes & Cisterns ,Time, Speed and Distance ,Boats and Stream, Mixtures ,  Work and Time , problems on trains (in Self assessor, all topics are in following tree structure  General Topics - Quantitative Aptitude - Arithmetic)

Commercial Maths:  Simple Interest and Compound Interest , percentages, profit and loss and discounts  (in Self Assessor, all topics are in following tree structure  General Topics - Quantitative Aptitude - Commercial Maths and so on)

Mensuration : area and perimeter of plane figures, volume and surface area of solids (in Self Assessor, all topics are in following tree structure  General Topics - Quantitative Aptitude - Mensuration)

Algebra  : Equations, Sequence and Series,   Permutation and Combination
(in TestBag, all topics are in following tree structure :  Mathematics - Algebra-)

Probability (Tree structure: Mathematics - Statistics and Probablity - Probablity and expected value - probablity)

Trignometry : Height and Distance (Tree structure: Mathematics - Trignometry - Applications Of Trigonometry- )
Quantitative Comparision  ( Tree structure : General Topics - Quantitative Aptitude- Data comparison- )

Intelligence and Logical  Reasoning

This is also not a difficult paper. It mainly covers multiple choice questions from reasoning tests and logic tests.

Reasoning Tests : some important are  Direction Sense tests , Odd man out, Coding Decoding, Blood Relationship , Series Tests,  Input Output Flow chart,  Assertion Reason , Data Arrangement and Venn Diagram

Logic Tests : Syllogism, Statement Assumptions, Statement Arguments,  Statement Conclusions,  Statement Action


---- to be continued ------








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